Sanwa em7000

A range (DCA) □ Bandwidth 40Hz〜1MHz AC sign wave □Rectangular pulse P-P (Peak to Peak). This instrument is a highly sensitive FET electronic tester having the DC voltage function of which the internal. Shop with confidence on eBay!

Comparisons with a regular VOM, VTVM and DMM for. Descubra a melhor forma de comprar online. See more product information! Wide Range of Sanwa products are also available.

High sensitivity for measurement of lower capacitance. Mechanical components, Electronics,Tools . Batteries: AA batteries required. Incredible shopping paradise! Tester de alta sensibilidad FET rango 0. Ancho de banda 40Hz~1MHz AC.

Compralo en Mercado Libre a $ 6. Get it by Nov to Dec with standard delivery. Analog MM RMS ((vAC 750V), (vDC 1KV), ( Aac 6A), (Adc 6A), (R 200MΩ)). Segera hubungi customer service kami untuk mendapatkan promo dan informasi lebih lengkap dari distributor kami.

Aレンジ(直流電流)の高感度FET電子テスタ ○:正弦波交流40Hz〜1MHz の周波数特性(交流低電圧) ○:方形波状パルスのP-P値(Peak to Peak値) . Các chức năng cơ bản là ampe kế, vôn kế, và ôm kế, ngoài . Volume Retail sales: Product Rating: 0. Busca multimetro sanwa com os melhores preços da internet, tudo isso e muito mais no melhor site de compras do. MΩまで広範囲の測定が可能です,【関連商品】,○直流電流0,○ . Hurry, quantities are limited. Aレンジ(直流電流) の高感度FET電子テスタ ○:正弦波交流40Hz〜1MHzの周波数特性(交流低電圧) . Aレンジ(直流電流) の高感度FET電子テスタ ○:正弦波交流40Hz〜1MHzの周波数特性(交流低電圧) . EM7000] FET電子テスタ EM-7000, :三和電気計器:/ .